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Wednesday, March 13th 2013

3:31 PM

Gromming Table pic 3

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Wednesday, March 13th 2013

3:30 PM

Gromming Table pic 2

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Wednesday, March 13th 2013

3:25 PM

Gromming Table pic 1

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Wednesday, March 13th 2013

3:12 PM

Grooming Table

      This summer I wanted to bath the Min Pins and Poodles outside. I started thinking about what I could use to make a bath/grooming table.Finally I blurted out to "Star" { Boxer} I know what use !!

      Tali & Rena {Boxers } .........  "Star.... what is our human Ma up to ?

       Star {Boxer} .......... "Not sure what our human Ma has on her mind ....but she is on a mission... well great dog dishes would you look at what Ma has made, and will you at the big smile on her face" A grooming table for the Min Pins and Poodles.
        Used 2 saw horses,spread them so many inches apart, laid 3 slabs of wood across the saw horses,laid a bath tub mat across the slabs,a grooming arm for safety. May not be anything to brag about,but it will do the trick !! That is not all, ... Kenny {Ch.Pointlyn's I'm Awesome Shetan} is going to be the first one to test the table. Our human Ma is just a smilin', works like a hot dam. Not only for bathing the toys,works great for rising the dust off crates ...Fall is upon us and Ma is putting the table away.It will be out come spring next year.

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Monday, January 28th 2013

6:07 PM

Suzy's Tartar Liquid

             Ingredients: water,glycerine,sodium benzoate,sodium lauryl sulfate,sodium salicylate,sodium borate,polysorbate20,green FD&C yellow No.5 Mix 1 tablespoon  Suzie's Tartar Liquid with 1 quart of water. Fill your pet's water dish with the mixture and allow your pet drink normally.

              With regular use it will help remove and control tartar build-up.The tartar will loosened, allowing it to be removed easier with hard foods and dog treats,helping create fresher breath and clean white teeth.

              There are a number of breath freshening products on the market,but I have found this to be the best. It is odorless and does freshen their breath.

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Tuesday, October 23rd 2012

1:26 PM


Hello it is Tuesday and still snowing ! As the summer bids farwell,it is hard to believe we are well into the month of October.We have had balmy weather up until the week-end. Nature once again reminds us where we live and it is not Arizona ! Temperatures have dipped and we have at least 6 inches of snow.The weather does not discourage us from getting outside. We will wait until the temperatures dip to -20 ! 

                                    Til next time .... happy shovelling !!

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Friday, October 5th 2012

5:34 PM

The shampoo...

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Friday, October 5th 2012

8:45 AM

Fall Is Here !!

2809.jpg" width=114 height=206>While we were racing around Petsmart picking up dog food, I decided to take a look for dog shampoo .Generally I use Bio-Groom Tearless shampoo,but thought I would try something ddifferent. Does not hurt to change shampoo. So for this season,I have been using "Grreat Choice puppy tearless shampoo"on the Miniature Pinschers. Their coats have been clean and soft. Min Pins really do not need conditioner,but make sure they are rinsed well.

 First week of fall was beautiful,with warm temperatures,leaves in color. This week we have had rain/snow and for the past 2 mornings we have had heavy frost and sunny days. Winter is not here yet.

Till next time .... drop a note let us know what type of shampoo you use !!

                   Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!


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Saturday, September 8th 2012

11:21 AM

Good Grief !!

 Ma just walked in the house soaking wet. "I have been giving the Boxers a rinse off",she says. It is nice to spend time with them and play. Rena shines like a copper penny in the sunshine when she is wet.  "Star" loves to shake and get Ma soaking wet. Tali loves to jump and get Ma wet.Tango and Honey stand waitng in a calm manner for their turn.  We hear Ma's laughter and know it is relaxing.

                             The 3 Min Pin boys are retired show dogs and they love to have a bath. Disco, sits on the table gazing into Ma's eyes. Ma knows what Disco is thinking .. "Do I have to go to the show ring Ma". No Disco, you are not going to the ring,just like to make sure you are neat and tidy. Kenny,goes into his show stack,enjoys the feel of  Ma rubbing his coat or giving him a real good scratch. Rocky,is such a baby,sits on the table looking at Ma, thinking why are you giving me a bath, I am not going anywhere. The facial expressions are priceless !

                                        Til next time .. drop a note tell us what venture your family does with you.!!



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Thursday, August 16th 2012

12:14 PM

Long Week-End Camping!!

Berri and Bubbles { Miniature Pinschers} went camping on the long week-end with the folks. X-pen, crates, were loaded into the camper and away they went.The camp site was quiet,even though it was full of vacationers. A red squirrel kept us amused by looking for scraps of food he/she could collect and hide for the winter along with their acorns. Out walking during the evening and we could see the smudge of camp fire smoke filtering threw the trees. We could hear the voices of other people or the odd dog bark when we were in our x-pen and we would make our contribution of noise by giving a bark. Nice way to greet people and let them know we were camping too. "QUIET", Ma would say.!! Gee she is no fun !! Would we go again ?? Yes,we would !!

 Ma has been out in the early mornings while it is cool. and wondering where the birds have gone. From April to June we are awaken by the various sounds of birds. We are into August and the birds seem to have disappeared. Does this mean the season is coming to an end ?? The days are getting shorter and the evenings are cooler. Flies are beginning to become a nuisance. Flowers are continuing to bloom in full color.


                                   Til next time ... remember not to leave your pet in a hot vehicle unattened !!


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